Key benefits of Parashara’s Light

  • Low learning curve because of the extremely elegant and easy to use graphical interface, while offering an incredible range of calculations and specialty tools..
  • Learn Vedic Astrology with the Personalized Tutorial and other interactive features.
  • Lasting investment: supports virtually every astrological calculation and technique in use.
  • Fully customizable screens, charts, interpretations, and printouts.
  • Pleasing to use, beautifully designed screens, printouts and reports.
  • No books required, the built-in World Atlas automatically enters longitude, latitude, time zone, and daylight savings
  • We have been around for over 25 years, and we still offer Free Technical Support and online help!

Power that gives you joy

Parashara’s Light is designed to be very easy to use, so it is ideal for the total novice. But it has an incredible array of calculations and advanced features just under the surface, serving even the most advanced professional astrologers.

The key to learn Vedic Astrology

Many innovative features give access to a ton of learning materials. Because it is interactive, and specific to your chart, the learning sticks!

Advanced Screen Customization

The powerful screen design tools make it possible to truly customize screens, so the software can be tweaked to meet just about anyone’s needs.

Rock solid

Parashara’s Light has serving the Vedic Astrology community for over 25 years, and is a rock solid product when it comes to stability, accuracy, and customer support.

Hassle free installation

After you purchase Parashara’s Light, you will receive a download link for installation on your Windows or Macintosh. The first time you use it, Parashara’s Light will automatically activate over the internet!

Easy to learn user interface

Birth data entry is intuitive and quick. The city will automatically be looked up in the exhaustive atlas. Press OK, and the chart, planetary degrees, navamsha, dashas, and everything else you choose to see will instantly show on your screen. Now you can save the data, print, or enjoy any of the many interactive features.

Flexible worksheets

Over 100 preconfigured screens are highly interactive and customizable. You have full control over layout and content, and you can freely design as many screens as you wish.

Powerful File Manager

Parashara’s Light comes with sophisticated Chart file Management features. You can categorize your charts in different groups and keep them more organized. You can also copy, move and remove charts from a group just by the click of a mouse. The File Manager has been designed very efficiently and can easily handle thousands of charts at a lightening speed.

Beautiful Reports

Reports have a clean look and are beautifully designed. The scrolling of the reports is smooth and the report previews appear nicely broken up in individual pages. You can scroll through the pages with the mouse scroll button and the report navigation buttons show appropriate tool tips.

Rich Chart analysis

The planet Summary Report is based on a highly authentic model of interpreting the effect of the planets in the chart. This page presents all major calculations relevant to the planet, in a way that the interpretation is consistent and clear.

Yogas and Classics

The software will automatically search thousands of Yogas and other interpretive content to find what appplies to your chart. 4 entire classical books are included in the software.


Dashas are key to making predictions in Vedic Astrology. Many dasha systems are included, and can be calculated for any of the divisional charts. View dashas in a table, timeline, or linked to the transits.


Transits are supported in a rich, interactive and ultra versatile way. Show Transits animated around the birth chart, in timelines, or in a graphical ephemeris. Do a Transit Search to find out when natal points are crossed.

Muhurta (electional astrology)

Easily and efficiently step through time to find an auspicious muhurta. Highly configurable, supporting numerous calculations. Record a picklist of your best finds, and narrow it downlater.

Prashna (Question based chart)

Create a Prashna chart with the mere click of a button. It is just that easy! You can also configure the software to automatically start up with a Prashna start every time you launch the software. You can also cast Prashna charts based on number, using the KP system.

For every kind of Prashna chart, numerous calculations and tables are available.


Varshphal, Monthly and Daily Solar return charts, and Varshapravesh charts are all fully supported. A detailed Tajika Yoga printout gives you details about planets forming these yogas.

Relationship Compatibility

You can place a second person’s birth chart, dashas, or any of the divisional or specialty charts, right along side your own chart on any worksheet. It is highly useful for a potential partnership evaluation and predictive consideration of various matters that involve two people/subjects. Traditional Kuta based Compatibility is supported as well.

Advanced Calculations

For those who like to take a step into the uncharted waters (skies?) of trying out advanced Vedic Astrology calculations, we have a lot to offer. There are many special Chakras, points, divisional chart variations and techniques that will keep you busy exploring. These all work hand in hand with the rest of the software, and offer you more capabilities than we can capture in a few words.,

Learning Vedic Astrology

Parashara’s Light offers many ways to learn Vedic Astrology. People typically experience that they learn something every time they use the software. The complete beginner will find it very easy to learn essentials such as the position of signs and houses, while the more advanced student will benefit greatly from features such as the built in tutorial and personalized lists of applicable yogas.

Research Tools

The research features allow you to examine commonalities between groups of charts, or find charts with a certain common factor. For example, you could pull up all people who have a certain wealth yoga. Or see how strong Venus is on average in the charts of singers. Since the software has so many advanced calculations, and is so flexible in applying these calculation in creative ways, the entire software is basically one giant research tool.

Birth Time Rectification

The Rectification (Change Birth time) tool offers you a brilliantly simple solution to birth time rectification. It allows you to examine the effects of a different birthtime, in any screen, by simply clicking on one of the buttons. Instantly the screen is recalculated and you can observe and judge the effect it has on the horoscope.

Change place tool

The Change Location tool allows one to change the birth location interactively: all charts and tables on the worksheet will instantly be recalculated according to the location on the map you click on.


Not finding what you are looking for? Try the comprehensive index of terms!

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