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Calculations supported by Parashara’s Light



You name it, we’ve got it! Parashara’s Light supports every astrological calculation in use.

Birth chart

Navamsha and other divisional charts
Tajika vargas
Sudarshan chakr, (a special chart showing the planets from the Ascendant, the Moon and from the Sun)
Dignities, retrogression, and combustion for all planets
Aspects, the common sign based aspects, as well as the Vedic degree based
Padas, Gulika, Dagdha rashis, Yogi, Avayogi etc.
Neecha banga yogas
Planetary relationships: natural, temporal and compound
Nakshatra spatial matrix
Avasthas, 6 kinds, for each Planet
Shad bala and Vimsopaka bala in great detail
Health related effects in the chart (influence of the planets on the areas of the body)

Dashas: Vimsottari, Yogini, Chara, Astottari, and 9 more. 360/365 days and other options. Dashas up to 5 levels! Dashas can be calculated from the Moon, from the Ascendant or from any planet. Four Dasha systems for the Varshphal chart are supported.

Yogas: Every yoga or quote that applies on a given birth chart from the following books: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Saravali, Hora Sara and Garga Hora. This makes a 15 page interpretive summary from the classics, an invaluable interactive learning tool! A selection of 300 yogas from classical text can be searched for applicable yogas.


Divisional charts for transits
Dasha balance and Ashtakavarga at time of the transits
Prints customized reports showing when the transits pass natal planets
Transits can be shown along with the birth chart
Progression chart, vargas for the Progression chart and 4 kinds of dashas for Progression chart
Monthly and daily progression charts, planetary strengths and the yearlord
Sahams (“Arabic parts”) can be printed for any Varshphal chart
Compatibility with details for different areas of life
Muhurta chart
Printable ephemeris
Choice of Ayanamsha; North/South/Western style charts

Krishnamurti chart with cusps and significators
Nakshatras and their significations for all planets
Complete Ashtakavarga, with beautiful graphical representation of the Samudaya Ashtakavarga. The binnasthakavarga and Sarvashtakavarga can be shown for each planet. The Sarva Chancha Chakra printout combined both of these in a beautiful graphical wheel.