For those who like to take a step into the uncharted waters (skies?) of trying out advanced Vedic Astrology calculations, we have a lot to offer. There are many special Chakras, points, divisional chart variations and techniques that will keep you busy exploring. These all work hand in hand with the rest of the software, and offer you more capabilities than we can capture in a few words.




Powerful: A wealth of calculations are possible. Every astrological calculation in use in supported. The planetary algorithms are extremely fast and accurate (to 1 second of arc precise). Four entire classical texts within the program, with automatic retrieval of yogas and quotes for any chart, yielding a 20 page summary, unique for one’s horoscope. The Birth time rectification tools, the powerful Research tools, the Chart Tutor, and the User defined printout tool are just some of the amazing features you won’t find anywhere else.

Supports every astrological calculation and technique in use.


There is a special calculation options screen that allows you to choose the Ayanamsha, the Ashtakavarga calculation methods, the length of a dasha year, the dasha balance method, the solar return chart calculation method, the way sunrise is calculated, True/Mean Rahu, inclusion or exclusion of Rahu as karaka, and the way the Karakamsha chart is calculated. 



Krishnamurti system is a unique system within Jyotish which puts special emphasis on the Nakshatras, their Lords, and their Sub-Lords. Followers of this system claim it is capable of making very accurate, and precisely timed predictions.


Krishnamurti Chart


Krishnamurti Significators


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