Muhurta (electional astrology)

Parashara’s Light offers several features that work together to make it very convenient to search for auspicious times. Because of the wide range of ways that people search for muhurtas, and the different criteria used for different kinds of events, the screens are designed to be highly configurable and to support many kinds of calculations. So let’s view the tools available to you.

Changing time

The change time tool allows you to easily and efficiently step through time in various intervals, such as days, hours, minutes, etc. Every time you step forward or backward, all the content on the screen updates. This allows you to very quickly inspect many charts in a short amount of time.


While stepping through time, when you encounter a good chart, it is very handy to be able to add that time to a list, so you can revisit it later. The Muhurta picklist is such list, and you can add candidate times to this list, and revisit those later with a simple mouse click.  Record a picklist of your best finds, and narrow it down later!

Available Calculations

What kind of calculations can you see while stepping through time to search for the  Muhurta chart? Just about anything!

  • Planetary Degrees and Nakshatras
  • Dignities, neecha banga yogas, strengths
  • Combustion, retrogression, speed
  • Lordships, and exchange of lordships
  • Aspects
  • Navamsha positions
  • All divisional charts
  • Varga dispositors
  • Nakshatra sounds
  • Avasthas
  • Ashtakavarga
  • Dashas for the event being planned
  • Dashas of the native, during the event being planned
  • Panchang elements
  • and much more!

Using Panchang

Along with any of the above listed calculations, you can view the typical panchang elements: Tarabala, Chandra bala, Tithi, Karana, Yoga. For Nakshatra and Tithi, a list of auspicious activities are given.


You can easily design your own printout for the Muhurta date and time you find. This printout can include all of the above calculations. You have very fine control over what goes on the printout, and the layout of the various charts and tables. You can even include your own logo or custom graphics.