After you purchase Parashara’s Light, you will receive a download link for installation on your Windows or Macintosh. The first time you use it, Parashara’s Light will automatically activate over the internet!

Hassle Free Download & Installation

No more CDs, No more waiting for the courier. You now get the software as a download within 1 business day of making the payment!

In just 4 simple steps, you are ready to use the software.

1. License Agreement
A License Agreement file is attached with the download link, read it before you install and use the software.

2. Download Installer
Use the link sent to you to retrieve your file.  (this is unlinked right now)

3. Install the Software
Once the download is finished, just click on the installer file.

4. Activate the Software
The “Activate product” window will tell you if there is an internet connection or not. Simply follow the instructions, and press the Activate button if it says there is an internet connection.

And you are ready to use the software!!!