Yearly transits overview

Yearly transits overview tables display transits through a specific sign or house in a chart for an entire year. This makes all annual transits for each sign and house visible in a single glance.

Check out and test this new feature using the worksheets we’ve pre-configured, found in the charts menu.

How to use this feature:
1. Double click on an empty space in the worksheet to bring up the Chart & Table Selection menu. Scroll down in the Tables column to the Timelines section and click ‘Sign transits yearly overview.’ Press OK.

Chart and Table Selection

2. A yearly transits overview table will appear on the worksheet. Right click it and select ‘Settings’.

Right Click for Settings

3. The ‘Sign transit options’ screen will appear.

Sign Transit Options Screen

4. Select a sign in the list at the top. If you want to have tables based on houses, check the ‘House based’ box. If you use the Bengali or Oriya style charts, you must select the ‘House Based’ option to see the correct transits.

In the Year drop down list, select the year you’d like to view. Last year, Current year, and Next year views are currently available.

The ‘Transparent Background’ option allows you to put these tables over other images or charts.

Chose ‘Show Header’ to display the year and sign name/house number for each table in the worksheet. This is very handy when designing worksheets so that transits can be matched with the correct signs/houses.

With the header, the table looks like this:
Yearly Transit Table With Header

In some cases there are many, many transits through one sign or house in a single year. Adjust the font size in the ‘Font point size’ drop down menu to one that makes it visible and readable on your monitor. When a header is added to the table, the font will automatically get much smaller. Again, adjust the font size to one that works for you on your monitor.

Use the new ‘Drag and drop worksheet cell’ feature and ‘Resize charts and tables to any size’ feature to move and adjust the size of the table and eliminate unnecessary white space. Links to these feature descriptions and how to’s are in the ‘Related Useful Features’ section below. Be mindful that if you adjust the size of the table to only fit the visible text and then change the year you are looking at, some of the transits may be hidden because the font will not automatically adjust/get smaller. Any time you change the year in a table, make the table bigger again to verify that no transits are hidden.

Notes: This feature is only compatible with the birth chart. At this time, it doesn’t work with divisional charts. If you use the North Indian, Bengali or Oriya style charts, you must select the ‘House Based’ option to see the correct transits. While the yearly transit overview table could work with a circular chart, you will have to design the worksheet yourself.

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