This is Reason 8

Yoga widget

The 1001 Yogas window is now available as a widget that docks on left side of the worksheet. This allows for yogas to be viewed simultaneously with the charts they’re describing.

How to use this feature:
1. From the Tools top drop down menu, select Yogas.

Top Tools Menu

2. The Yogas widget will dock on the left side of the screen.

Yogas Widget

3. Click through the list of Yogas and a longer description of each will appear in the text box below.

4.Select the Use functional mal/ben checkbox and the yogas will be evaluated using functional malefics and benefics. Print gives you a pre-designed printout of all the applicable yogas to the chart you have open. Cancel closes the widget.

5. Be sure ‘Only if applicable’ is selected at the bottom of the widget if you only want to see the yogas that are present in the native’s chart you have open. If you want to see all 1001 yogas, select ‘Show all yogas’.

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