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Interpretation hints for planets

Click/touch any planet in any chart and the interpretation hints tool gives you an extensive overview of a planet’s main attributes. It covers house placement and house rulerships, dusthan lordships, functional nature from the ascendant and Moon, exaltation/debilitation, house placement from ascendant and from Moon as a malefic/benefic, and houses effected most (aspect and conjunction) when counted from ascendant/Sun/Moon and when combined.

Furthermore, Interpretation hints will describe in detail significant affects that planets have on various houses based on the aspects on that house and it’s lord and other ties to that house. If there are aggravating factors to a planet – such as being hemmed in by malefics, combust, or debilitated – or supportive factors – such as exaltation, own sign, aspects from benefics, etc. – it will mention those automatically as appropriate. Also, any reasons the planet is particularly important in this chart will be mentioned.

Requirements: To see interpretation hints you must add the Interpretation hints tool to the worksheet. To learn how to do this, see the How to use this feature section below.

Make notes of resonant interpretation hints in the Chart Notes Tool.
These can be copied and pasted directly from the Interpretation Hints tool into the Chart Notes tool. To learn to use the Chart notes tool, see the Related Useful Features section below.

In the interpretation hints window, a number followed by a number in parenthesis means: House (Weight). For example, 2(50) means 2nd House, 50% weight.

How to use this feature:
1. Go to the Tools top drop down menu and select Interpretation hints.

Tools Drop Down Menu Interpretation Hints

2. The Interpretation hints tool will then dock on the left side of the worksheet.

Interpretation Hints Tool

3. Click planets in any chart on the worksheet and read what appears in the window.

Interpretation Hints Planets

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