New, Enhanced Atlas

The atlas was updated in 2012 as part of Parashara’s Light 8.0 for Mac.
One of the most significant updates for that release was the daylight savings time change that happened in 2007 in the USA and Canada.
Parashara’s Light 9 makes those updates available to Windows users. In addition, it includes numerous DST and / or time zone changes that have happened around the world since 2012.
More cities around the globe have been incorporated. Every country in the world has been run through a comprehensive DST and Timezone change test, with the intention to make the atlas as accurate as possible.
For all countries where population data was available, the city with the largest population will now be marked in bold. This makes city selection clearer if there are multiple cities with the same name.

Related Useful Features:
Dynamic atlas lookup

Dynamic atlas lookup

The Dynamic atlas lookup makes automatic timezone and daylightsavings adjustments to your important charts and tools. The atlas is now automatically accessed by muhurta charts, dasha charts, transit charts, and the change time tool when date/time adjustments are made within worksheets. This is a critically important enhancement that will prevent the accidental use of wrong daylightsavings settings when you use the change time tool and do not manually trigger the timezone/daylightsavings lookup.
Two examples of its use follow:
1. When you right click on a dasha period in a dasha table and select “Update Animated Transits,” the placement of the planets at the onset of that dasha period are automatically shown in an animated transits chart and the atlas has been referenced to reflect the correct timezone, daylightsavings settings, and local time for that date.
2.When scrolling back and forth through time in the change time tool to see transits or find a muhurta time, the atlas is now being referenced with every change to make sure the muhurta date/time is local time, matching the timezone and daylightsavings settings for the muhurta time.

To be able to easily verify that the time, daylight savings time designation and date is correct for a chart or transit, place a ‘Birth data’ table on the worksheet. This can be done by double clicking a blank space in a worksheet to pull up the Chart & Table Selection, scrolling down to the Misc Tables sub section, selecting Birth data, and pressing OK.

Birth Data Table

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Change Time Toolbar