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Muhurta charts using Calendar button

The calendar button on the new Change Time Tool toolbar allows you to jump directly to a specific time and date, instead of having to incrementally move through time using the arrows.

The Calendar button works with all timelines. It supports several ways to directly choose dates, and if you select the Instant sync button the charts and tables on the worksheet will immediately update as you click dates in the calendar, events in the list, or type in a time and/or date.

How to use this feature: 1.Open a worksheet that has the change time toolbar and a timeline (for example, Graphical Ephemeris)

2. Click on the calendar button on the right hand side of the change time toolbar.

3. This pulls up the Date selection window.

3. Navigate through the calendar, enter the date into the date data entry box, or enter the date and time into date / time data entry box.
Note that you can navigate through the calendar by clicking on the left and right green arrow buttons to change month, or you can select any month directly by clicking on the name of the month, or you can change the year by clicking on the year.

4. If you want the date you are selecting to immediately affect the charts and tables on your screen, check the “Instant Sync” checkbox.

5. Press OK.

6. The timelines / charts / tables on the screen will update to the date you selected or entered.

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