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Dasha browser

In previous versions of Parashara’s Light, the dasha effects screen was separate and independent from worksheets. The functionality of that screen has been transformed into a table that can be added to any worksheet and synced with other charts set to the animated transits context. It has also has been synced with the change time tool. These updates make it possible to see the timing, effects, transits by degree, effects of transits according to ashtakavarga, strength and dignity of planets in transit at the beginning of a dasha period, and dozen of other attributes critical to interpreting dashas with a single mouse click.

Dasha Browser Tool

As long as the animated transit context is selected for charts and tables on a worksheet, any chart or table will sync with the dasha table.

The dasha browser table can be placed on any worksheet. Worksheet 12.
Dasha Effects Browser has been pre-designed for your use. On worksheet 12 includes a larger interpretation hints window. If you’d like the interpretation hints on a customized worksheet instead, add the Interpretation hints tool from the top Tool drop down menu. The window will be smaller but the functionality is the same.

How to use this feature:

1. Go to Worksheet 12. Dasha Effects Browser and click around in the dasha table. As you click different dasha main and sub periods, the charts and tables on the worksheet will update. Add the Change Time Tool to the worksheet by pressing F9, selecting it from the top Tools drop down menu, or selecting Time Tool from the Wrench And Screwdriver button menu in the Top Toolbar. Change the time in the Change Time Tool and the dasha browser will highlight the corresponding dasha combination.

Dasha Effects Browser Worksheet


2. Add the Dasha browser to any worksheet by double clicking on a black space on the worksheet. The Chart and Table selection menu will appear.
In the Tables column, scroll down to Tools and select Dasha browser.
Press OK.

Chart and Table Selection Menu

Note: At this time, only the Vimshottari dasha system can be used in the dasha table.

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Dasha browser linked to transits
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Dasha browser linked to transits

Animated transits now update when a dasha period is selected in the dasha browser, making it easy to see transits at the time of dasha period changes. For example, if you want to see where transits were located at the beginning of someone’s Saturn-Mercury dasha, click the Saturn dasha in the dasha browser, and then the MErcury antardasha. All animated transit charts and tables will now show the positions for that Saturn-Mercury period.
To learn more about the new dasha browser in general, readĀ Dasha browser