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Report contents on worksheets

New screens have been added that combine editable worksheets with interpretive reports. Simultaneously seeing interpretations and the charts they’re based on gives a greater wholeness of understanding and supports learning.

Charts on the side of these screens have all the same functionality as on regular worksheets. For example, planets, houses and signs can be right clicked to see further significations and descriptions.

Add the interpretation hints tool and click on planets to see even more related interpretive content.

The grid size on the side worksheets can be changed. On large monitors, if you make the grid bigger, you can essentially have a full blown worksheet next to full report content.

All of these screens work with the change time tool. So, charts can be dynamically interacted with and related report interpretations automatically update. This can be useful for birth time rectification.

Add the notes tool to record information as you read, learn, and research.

If you use the up and down arrows for worksheet navigation, you must click back into the editible worksheet portion of the screen for this function to work. If you’ve been reading report content / clicking on that half of the screen and try to press the up and down arrow, nothing will happen.

Some suggestions of useful charts to view / add to the worksheet on each screen:

  • Modern viewpoint and Shastras viewpoint interpretations – birth chart
  • Nature and Temperment – birth chart
  • Lucky Points – birth chart
  • The house each planet is in – birth chart, interpretation hints, change time tool for birth time recitification
  • House lordships – birth chart, planetary table with lordships (to see exchange of lordships), change time tool for birth time rectification
  • Tajika Yogas – varshphal chart with degrees, planetary details for varshphala chart
  • Vedhas in Tripataki Chakra – tripataki chakra, varshphala chart
  • Yearly Varshphala interpretation – birth chart, varshphala chart, year lord calculation, varshphala dashas, varshphala vargas
  • Consideration of Mangala Dosha – birth chart, partner’s chart
  • Cancellation of Mangala Dosha – birth chart, partner’s chart
  • Dash-Koota Compatibility – birth chart, partner’s chart
  • Sadhesati of Saturn (first, second, and third cycles) – birth chart, lifetime dashas, a transit chart to see transits at time Sadhesati starts (To do this, put an animated transit chart and the change time tool on the worksheet. Be sure the change time tool is set to animated tranists instead of birth chart. Then move the change time tool forward in time to the beginning of the Sadhesati period.)
  • Mangala Dosha – birth chart, partner’s chart
  • Recommendations of Gem Stones – birth chart
  • Punya (Lucky) Stone -birth chart

How to use this feature:
1. Most of these screens are available from the Charts menu, Interpretations submenu. Simply select the screen you want to see from that menu.
2. Make your own favorites list. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the program and see each one and choose the ones you will use most. These can then be added to ‘favorites’ to get to easily. To add a worksheet to favorites click on the number on the right side of the editable worksheet. This will bring up the worksheet properties menu. Select Favorite and Press OK. Your worksheet should now appear under the Charts drop down menu and the Star Menu in the new top toolbar.
3. Use the Change time tool to change the time of birth and see how the report content changes dynamically.

On the Yearly Varshphala interpretation screen, change the year interpretation you’re viewing from the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Need a screenshot for this feature.