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Place images on the worksheet

You can now place multiple custom images on any worksheet. This allows for endless creative and artistic embellishment to your screens. If you like, you can make worksheets refreshingly personal, or, for the professional astrologer, you can design your worksheets in a way that is consistent with your business branding.

Custom images can also be locked to the background so they don’t move around when charts and tables are arranged on top of them.

Requirements: Only .jpg and .png image formats can be used. This feature is supported up to 300dpi for 8X11 printing, so do not use images much larger than that
Images must stay in the same location on your computer to continue to appear on worksheets. For example, if the image was on your desktop when you added it to the worksheet, it must stay on your desktop. To ensure that images remain visible, store images in the GeoVision/PL9/Screen Art content folder.

Tips: If you have a black background set, you won’t see the text in the image cell saying “Right click to Select an image” after you’ve added ‘Photo’ from the Chart and Table window.

When you lock an image in place you will no longer be able to double click the image to pull up the Chart and Table Selection window or select it when you are in selection mode (for more about selection mode see feature 22. Drag and drop worksheet cell. A link to this feature is under the Related Useful Features section below). The only way to interact with a locked image is to right click it, select Change image, and then uncheck the Lock Image box.

Images can only reside on the top or bottom layer of worksheets.

Recommendations: Images with transparent backgrounds (.png’s) can be used and the transparency is maintained. This way images can be layered / brand and logo images without backgrounds can be used.

If you set the image to tile horizontally or vertically in the image editing window, make it small and stretch it out and it becomes a unique border for a chart.

Add drop shadow images behind charts to give worksheets depth.

Use an image slightly bigger than a chart, and place it behind the chart to create a small custom border.

If you plan to have a full background image, we suggest adding it to the worksheet first.This way you can size it to fill up the worksheet, set it as the back layer, lock it, and then add the charts you’d like on top.

How to add an image to a worksheet:

1. Double click in a blank space on a worksheet to open the Chart & Table Selection window.

2. Under the Tables column, scroll down to the Misc. Tables section.
Choose Photo and press OK.

Chart and Table Selection

3. A cell will appear with text saying “Right click to Select an image”.

Select An Image

4. Right click on the cell and select Change Image.

Change Image

5. A pop up window will appear. Click Browse and find the image file on your computer you want to use.

Add Image Menu

6. A preview of the image will appear in the pop up window and on the chart. Un-check Stretch if that distorts the image.

Image Preview

7. Make any adjustments to the Position, Layer, and Opacity

8. Select OK

Image Menu Press OK

9. The image will now be on the worksheet
Worksheet with image

Hot to lock an image to a worksheet:

1. Once the image is added to the worksheet, resize it and move it to the place you’d like it to be locked to.

2. Right click on the image and select Change Image.

3. In the pop up window check the Lock image checkbox at the bottom.

4. Press OK and the image will be locked into place. Other charts and tables can now be added, resized, and moved around on top of the background without effecting it.

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