This is Reason 11

Improved printing of worksheet

Worksheets with taller grids – 3X4 and 3X5 – will now properly fit on printouts.

How to use this feature:

1. Design your printout on a worksheet with a 3X4 or 3×5 Grid
3X4 worksheet design

2. Go to the File drop down menu and select Print Screen, or press Ctrl+P on your keyboard

3. Select your printer from the printer menu and press the Print button
Tips: Be sure the grid is no longer visible when you print, as the grid lines will show up lightly on the printout. To remove the grid, right click on the selected chart (outlined in red) and choose Unselect or Snap to Grid.

To change the margins on the printout, go to the Options drop down menu and select Printing Options. Edit the numbers in the Margins section and press OK.

Printing is optimized for Letter sized paper (8X10) and A4, so we recommend only printing worksheets to those sizes of paper.