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Graphical Ephemeris enhancements

The red hairline across the graphical ephemeris has been added so the current moment in time – or the moment in time you’ve navigated to using the change time tool – visually stands out. Complimentary tables and charts showing more specific information about that moment can then be added to the worksheet to give greater insight into the details. This gives you the great advantage of seeing the big picture and the subtleties simultaneously. For example, adding a planetary info table with an animated transits context to the worksheet will show the degree, magnitude, relative speed, and any other information you choose to display for each planet at the moment the hairline is crossing. Adding a birth chart, dashas table, navamsha, and dasha’s time line to the worksheet with the graphical ephemeris creates a powerful prediction aid.

Transits can now be viewed for an entire year. This is particularly useful for seeing the journey of slow moving planets over a year’s time and will reveal trends that a one month view can’t show.

Also, the graph can now be centered on the moment being looked at, whereas before, months could only be seen from beginning to end. This makes the context before and after any date viewable, rather than having to jump back and forth between months to see what’s happening around dates at the beginning and end of each month.

Requirements: The change time tool is necessary to scroll through time on the Graphical Ephemeris. Add this to any worksheet by pressing F9 or by going to the ‘Tools’ drop down menu and selecting Change time tool.

Be sure the change time tool is set to the Animated Transits context.

The year long transit view isn’t so helpful for the moon, as it moves so quickly. We recommend the month view to track the moon’s movements.

If you place many timelines together on one worksheet and have an older computer, it might take longer to load. The program may slow down, because so many calculations are being done simultaneously. So we recommended not overloading your screen if it looks like it is sluggish.

The Graphical Ephemeris is a great pairing with the Dasha timeline. The tables are both connected to the Change time tool, so they remain synced as you move through time. This is also true for the new Muhurta and Sarvatobhadra Chakra timelines, as well as any table set with the Animated Transits context.

Use the Calendar button on the far right of the change time tool to go straight to a day and time in the graphical ephemeris instead of having to use the arrows on the change time tool.

Read more about this new feature here:Calendar button

How to use this feature:
1. The ephemeris can be seen from a monthly, monthly centered, quarterly, quarterly centered, yearly, and yearly centered viewpoint. To change the viewpoint, go to the change time tool (add this to any worksheet by pressing F9 or by going to the ‘Tools’ drop down menu and selecting Change time tool ) and from the drop down menu box on the left side, select the new timescale you’d like to see. The ephemeris will automatically update to the selection you make.

Graphical Ephemeris Select Time View

2. Use the Calendar button on the Change Time Tool to jump to a new date. Use the step backward/step forward buttons on the Change Time Tool to slowly progress forward and backward in time on the graphical ephemeris. Click the Animate button and the ephemeris will automatically move the graphical ephemeris through time. Change the Time interval to a shorter (down to the seconds) or longer (up to 10 years at a time) time frame for scrolling through the graphical ephemeris at different time scales.

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