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Full compatibility with windows 10, with sharper graphics and touch screen support

Top Toolbar

Now you can use smaller screen devices and still have access to all of your data.

The top toolbar optimizes Parashara’s Light for touch screen use, including on smart phones and tablets, because the bigger buttons are easier to press on touch screen devices.

It gives access to key options (through the wrench and screwdriver button on the far left), faster navigation between worksheets through categorizing worksheets by type (birth, solar return, compatibility, transits, Krishnamurti, and those marked as favorite), access to reports, access to recently viewed worksheets, and a simple way to close charts.

top toolbar

The Screen Options button: Want to use Parashara’s Light on a small tablet /screen?
Open the Screen Options menu by going to the Options top drop down menu and selecting Screen Size Options OR by going to the wrench and screwdriver button on the top toolbar and clicking on the Screen button in the sub menu.


Screen Options Menu

If the top toolbar and change time tool icons are too big / taking up too much room on the screen, select Medium or Small from the icon drop down menus on the right. You must close the program and reopen it for that change to take effect.

If charts are too small, choose a different layout in the drop down menu on the left. The ‘single cell’ option is a great choice for small phones. 3 columns by 2 rows works well for large phones and equivalently sized tablets.

If the bar with the native’s name and birth data and tabs just above the worksheet are taking up too much room, un-check them on the left. If you decide to un-check them but still want to see the native’s name and birth information, select Name and Birth data on the right side and this information will appear as part of the top toolbar.

If your tablet or phone has a narrow screen and the top toolbar doesn’t fit properly, select the Compact navigation checkbox on the right. This will condense the top toolbar. You will loose the option of navigating to specific worksheets, but will be able to select the main categories of worksheets, such birth, compatibility, transits, etc. and get to the first worksheet of that section.

Adjust the DPI to match that of your tablet or notebook in the drop down menu just below Layout.


Better support for large monitors

6X5 and 6X4 grids have been added specifically for large monitors so more content can fit on the screen. This, paired with the ability to make charts and tables of any size, means that users with large computer monitors can fit a large amount of information into one worksheet and get a very comprehensive view for interpretations in one glance.

How to use this feature:
To choose one of the larger grid sizes for a worksheet:
1.Click on the worksheet name in the top right corner.

Click on Worksheet Title


2. This will bring up the Worksheet Properties Menu. Go to the Dimensions section and scroll through until you find the ones named 6X5 and 6X4. Select one so that it is highlighted.

Worksheet Properties Dimension Selection

3. The worksheet will automatically change so you can preview the new grid before officially applying it. When you’ve found the grid you’d like to use, press OK. Note all the white space that is added, making space for an additional 21 charts or tables.

Tips: If you have a smaller screen but can read small text, you can use this feature to see more information in one place even without a large computer monitor.

To see how to resize charts and tables on a worksheet, see Feature “Resize charts and tables to any size” (listed in the Related Useful Features section below).

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