25 reasons to get the new version!

1 Full compatibility with windows 10, with sharper graphics and touch screen support. more
2. Many changes in timezone and daylight savings dates from recent years– the world is changing and we move along! more
3. The new, fully up to date ephemeris will give you more accurate calculations for recent years, and enormous historical range. more
4. When searching for Muhurtas, the update offers important protection against accidentally giving out wrong times. more
5. View instant and personalized insights for interpreting planets and houses, without popups or distracting windows. more

6. Many new calculations: Bhrigu point, Tithi Pravesh, Kota chakra, Sanghatta chakra, Sarvatobhadra chakra, Astottaramsa, True Chitra Ayanamsha and much more. more
7. Instantly view the effects of the various new chakras for any past life event. more
8. View applicable yogas side by side with the chart, and see them change when you change the time of birth. more
9. See all sign transits for a year at a time, uniquely arranged around the chart. more
10. See all transits for a quarter or for a year in a fascinating graphical format. more

11. Improved printing of worksheet, and superb control over layout and graphical design. more
12. Drag and drop worksheet cells, and resizing of charts and tables to any size. more
13. Incorporate your favorite image(s) or logo on your screen and printouts. more
14. Excellent support for taking notes, specific to a person, or general notes. more
15. Improved support for rectification with a highly configurable setup. more

16. Change time toolbar, allowing you to change the time of birth or muhurta without popup screens. more
17. Many new interactive screens with interpretive content from the reports. more
18. See the current dashas in the animated transits screen. more
19. Click on days in a monthly calendar to instantly see all the muhurta charts and relate data for that day. more
20. Powerful design features allow you to design screens to an amazing degree, graphically and content wise. more

21. Optional Top Toolbar that gives access to all screens organized by category. more
22. Click on any house, planet, sign, nakshatra and many more points for more info without blocking the screen. more
23. Step through time to view effects of transits according to various techniques and dig deeper with a single mouse click. more
24. Better support for large monitors, tablets and notebooks. more
25. Set any worksheet to be your “home” screen and many more enhancements! more